Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hey you! This is the old house... Come visit the new digs...

Okay, so those of you still visiting are probably wondering where everybody's gone. You're no doubt also asking yourself if the rapture has hit Fort Worth first and only contributors to The Fort Worthian were holy enough to be taken. Well, we are, but that's beside the point...

Here's the deal: Darren messed up. If it was me, I probably wouldn't be trumpeting that fact, but since it's Darren, we'll just put it on the table. So Darren's messup resulted in many furrowed brows amongst us Fort Worthian types, and many anguished emails sent to the fine folks at Google, who now own Blogger. But alas, the Google gods did not deem our emails response-worthy. So as a last ditch effort, we've moved. We lost the "the" part of Fort Worthian, which was a little pretentious anyway.

So come visit the new, improved, less-pretentious Fort Worthian at http://fortworthian.blogspot.com/. See ya'll over there...


Monday, December 10, 2007

Type your first three paragraphs here

I haven't posted any photos in a while but thats only because I havent had time to shoot anything really Fort Worth related since the TCU Pinkout Football game. Mainly because I'm moving my life overseas. Life = my car and my dog.
I'm going to be graduating and heading back over to Arabistan where I work the rest of the year when I'm not burning money at TCU. I guess this is the final post for me since I wont be able to make anything Fort Worth/Dallas related over in my corner of the world.
Hope whatever photos I posted were enjoyed by some if you.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tuesdays are for awesomeness.

Well, I'm graduating in ten days and I still don't have a job, so it looks like I'll be sticking around Fort Worth for a while. And that's perfectly fine with me, because now I don't have to come up with a new weekly schedule to keep me busy. Let me share my typical Tuesday (at least until I graduate) with you.

930- Package Design Class.
1130- Subway for lunch. Active military and dependents get 50% off their order (which my dependent ID is expired, but they don't know that. Just flash it and the deed is done.)
1200- Watch Jeopardy on the Game Show Network with my former neighbor.
1245- Back in the Graphic Design Lab working on various projects and getting my Fantasy Football team ready for the next bout.
300- Watch Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel because I'm a nerd.
400- A little more work on my projects
530- Swim at the TCU Rec Center.
645- Dutch's for dinner. Burgers are half off every Tuesday.
730- Get to the Flying Saucer to save a table for Trivia at 8. Fat Tire's are $2.50 a pop on Tuesdays.
1030ish- Home again, touch up whatever's due tomorrow and go to bed.

I think it's a pretty good system for me. It hasn't gotten me into any trouble, and it's fairly cheap. For two meals and a couple beers, I spend somewhere in the vacinity of 10 and 12 bucks, if I even do all those things. I like to mix it up sometimes and maybe make an omelet at home for lunch instead of go to Subway.

It's really handy to know what kind of specials there are at different places throughout the week. I like to base a lot of my plans off them if I do end up going out. So I encourage all of you fellow readers and contributors to share the wealth and tell us your favorite specials and discounts.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

christmas time is here

and man, this morgan blunk column has the world up in arms. thoughts?

i kind of laughed at the fact that people actually created a facebook group about her. man, celeb status. if celebrity death match were still around, i would half expect to see her claymation replica battling a swarm of angry tcu women folk via mtv boxing ring mayhem.

in other news, the tcu tree lighting was last night, and i didn't get a damn candle again this year. i did, however, consume a couple of rock hard cookies and hot chocolate... and that glass or two of wine that i'd had prior to the ceremony encouraged me to buy a t-shirt. oh tcu, you know how to rip me off when i'm vulnerable.


Monday, November 19, 2007

T-giving in the 'Worth

I'm fortunate enough to have a few days off for Thanksgiving, so I'll be headed to see my parents (and eat their divine amalgamation of foods). However, I know many who won't be getting a home-cooked meal for Turkey Day. Therefore, as a public service, I'm asking The Fort Worthian's readers and writers to share their picks for Thanksgiving restaurants. Best turkey, best stuffing, best use of canned cranberry sauce or even best pumpkin pie-flavored cocktail: Let us know the best place to spend the holiday.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Buffalo Bros.

My friend, Lake, and I headed down to TCU's Restaurant Row last night to check out Buffalo Bros. We used the walk-up window and ordered a slice of pizza each from a very nice, very cute waitress. Lake got chicken and onion, and I picked meatball. After that, she offered another slice each for free (great marketing). He picked cheese, and I picked pepperoni.

Full disclosure time: My favorite pizza is Perrotti's, and I'm a sucker for doughy dough, including deep-dish. Lake's a die-hard Mama's fan. Now you know where we're coming from.

For the review, click the jump.

Me: The meatball pie was good stuff. It tasted like a gyro pizza. The crust had good texture and thickness. As for the pepperoni, it was nothing too special, except that it had a ton of pepperonis on top. And lots of grease.

Lake: Chicken and onion was spicy and good, but Lake likes his pizza a little flatter. He tossed the crust into the storm drain. After that, he tried the cheese and threw half of it into the trash.

The verdict: If you're hungry while you're hanging out at the Pub, and Fuzzy's is booked solid, check it out, but don't make a special trip across town. Each slice is $3, which is a little high for my tastes, especially when Joe's sells cheaper, better 'za by the slice just a couple blocks away.

The inside of the place looks like a nicer version of Texadelphia, the storefront's previous inhabitant. TV's are prominently placed, and there's a bar with several beers on tap. It looks like a fun place to hang out.

If anybody tries anything other than pizza, post it!


Sunday, November 4, 2007

TCU Vs. New Mexico

TCU vs New Mexico Saturday 3, 2007 when TCU took the victory from New Mexico 37-0.
Go Frogs.


Friday, November 2, 2007

Red Cactus and The Ginger Man II

Although Carla didn't find Red Cactus too inspiring, I'm a fan. I've been twice and although I forgot the name of the first thing I got, the quesadilla I had last night was awesome.

The place is owned by a couple from Mexico. They're about as friendly as can be, and they're hoping that their first restaurant is a success. I'd recommend that everyone check it out. It's on University near the Pub.

Oh, and they have free Wi-Fi Internet.

For my Ginger Man update, click the jump:

The Ginger Man is dog-friendly! Yup, as long as Fido's on a leash and has up-to-date shots, go ahead and bring him in. Now all your best friends can enjoy the G-Man's awesomeness.


Buffalo Bros opening Monday

Just got an email from Bonnell's announcing the grand opening of Buffalo Bros on Monday. TCU's restaurant row is really taking shape!

Pizza By The Slice
Frozen Margaritas and Daiquiris
10 Beers on Tap
Open 7 Days a Week Until 11:00pm
Walk Up Window on University

5 Big Plasma Televisions

Doors open Monday, November 5th


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saturday migas at Fuzzy's...

Even though it was a gorgeous Saturday, I had exams to grade. I knew I wouldn't get it done at home (too many distractions!), so I trudged down to the office.

On the way, I started thinking about how to reward myself for such responsible, adult-like behavior... ...when I remembered that Red Cactus had opened just the day before! This would accomplish two things -- I'd be trying a new restaurant and presumably be getting yummy food out of the deal, and secondly, I could write about it on The Fort Worthian...

So I get a bunch of the grading done and it's been a fairly productive morning, so I start walking toward Red Cactus. When I arrive, there's a sign on the door, and they are closed for a private party.... Grrrrrrr... I ask you this: who has a grand opening on Friday and then closes for a private party on Saturday???? That's ridiculous!

Change of plan... What can I do? Oh yeah, Fuzzy's isn't too far away, so I'll walk over and have some migas there!

Fuzzy's serves migas all the time, but to me, it's especially tasty on Saturday mornings. It's not one of those power breakfast things, where you're going to have the energy needed to get things done for the rest of the day. It's more of a lazy Saturday breakfast, where you eat it and then decide a mid-morning nap would be nice... I dunno if that's really a favorable endorsement or not, but I certainly enjoy it!

So, to sum up:

  • It's stupid to be closed for a private party the day after your grand opening.
  • Migas are a yummy start to a lazy day!
  • Fuzzy's has good migas!


Friday, October 26, 2007

"Beer is proof ...

... that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

When ol' Ben said this, he must just gotten back from the Ginger Man, the best little chain of pubs in the nation. The Ginger Man, located on Camp Bowie Boulevard (map below), boasts 67 on-tap beers and more than 100 in bottles. They also have a short wine and cigar list, and they serve food. Interested? Click the jump.

Why the Ginger Man? It's a clean and not-smoky (smokers usually sit outside on their awesome patio, and their indoor air-filtration system is state-of-the-art), and the staff — Mike, Matt, Heidi, Justin, Reed, Chuy and the rest — is friendly. And they know their stuff, to boot.

When to go? You can go any night of the week to relax with a specialty brew, but your best bet is Tuesday for pint night. If you buy that night's beer, you can keep the glass.

The only drawback is the price. Their cheapest beer — Coor's Light, the only generic domestic they have — is around $3, but you pay for the atmosphere. Paying a little more gets you a chill pub where you can play darts and hang with friends. Great for a post-date drink or something to do when the parents are visiting.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Evil Eye: Rhett Miller and Murry Hammond in Dallas

Rhett Miller is a pretty, pretty man. He's also the lead singer of the Old 97's. As you might be able to tell by the picture, they put on a high-energy show -- and one of the most fun and entertaining.

Half of the band -- Rhett and bassist Murry Hammond -- will be in Dallas at the Granada Theater on Saturday, November 17th. The concert is also a benefit for cystic fibrosis, so your money will be well-spent in more ways than one.

If you want to go all-out, you can spend $75 and get a ticket to the concert, a goodie bag, and admission to a cocktail hour, during which you get to mingle with Rhett and Murry.

Oh, and don't forget -- the night before, on November 16th, Nickel Creek will be at the House of Blues in Dallas. For a Fort Worth girl, I'll sure be in Dallas a lot that weekend...